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Client Testimonials


"I never thought I would need help from a stylist but after being stuck in a wardrobe rut it was exactly what I needed.  Catherine helps you clear up space in your closet to make room for so many more useful outfit combinations. The process is not intimidating at all. she comes over, goes through everything in your closet with you and you either toss, donate, tailor or store your clothes. After this you have some fun and go shopping. She helps you steer away from clothes that are not flattering to your body type. I can't tell you how valuable this experience was. You don't need to be a celebrity to use a stylist. You can be anybody and Catherine will still treat you like a VIP. I can't wait to go shopping with her again!"

Janel Gonzalez


"I had fun shopping for the first time EVER! Clothes shopping is my least favorite thing to do which is why I avoid the process as much as possible. My wife noticed how little variety there is in my closet and she recommended that I try a personal shopper to 'refresh' my wardrobe. Catherine and I spent 4 hours shopping for everything: casual shirts, dress shirts, slacks, chinos, denim, shoes, etc. Her fashion taste and expertise was apparent from the get go. She picked out looks for me that I would never have selected and, once I tried things on, I loved her recommendations. In the end, I took home an entire new wardrobe and I couldn't believe I had spent 4 hours shopping. I will be calling on Catherine again in the fall."

Ken McLaughlin


I hired Catherine to prep me for a photoshoot and a red carpet premiere for a film I was in. Immediately upon meeting her I knew I was in good hands as she instantly understood my needs. She brought over a bunch of dresses she picked without me, and not only did they ALL fit, but they were ALL perfect! She read my mind so completely that I ended up keeping four dresses because I simply couldn't only keep one. For the photoshoot she put together all these outfits from stuff I already owned; in creative ways that never occurred to me. In short, Catherine works hard. She works fast. She was able to work within my budget. She totally made me feel like a star! I consider her my go-to for any event I have. I could not recommend her more highly! Her aesthetic is all the things a young actress wants; unique, creative, fun, current, yet elegant. She rocks!"

Marisa Costa


"My good friend and client asked me to go shopping with him to update his wardrobe. Since it was approaching Christmas, I did him one better and bought a gift certificate for Catherine's services. We are both THRILLED with the results! She came to his house, they went through the closet together, then they shopped 'til they (he, anyway) dropped! He now has an all-new, updated, versatile wardrobe with a few new colors and some great styling ideas. They have a second shopping trip planned. He said it was the best present he'd ever received, and it was definitely the most appreciated gift I've ever given."

Ruth Lundi


"I hired Catherine because I was starting a new job and felt my wardrobe was sorely outdated. Our first step was to liberate my closet from anything that wasn't current, which in turn clarified what I needed. The next phase was shopping which went equally well because she knows where to shop, and picked out great stuff that filled out the holes in my wardrobe. The final phase was going through my updated closet together to clarify the myriad permutations - I can now go for months without repeating myself! All in all, a great experience and highly recommended!"

Greg Mooradian

Testimonials: Client Testimonials
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